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[slide-right]Our Mission

The Youth and Hope Foundation (Y&H) is a United States based 501(c)(3) organization that connects Vietnamese children in need to educational and medical resources through like minded individuals and organizations concerned with their wellbeing and opportunities to reach their potential as productive members of society.   


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Our Work



Y&H funds local health care facilities in rural areas providing support to the most vulnerable children who suffer from illnesses.  Our goal is to connect the children to breakthrough research and cures and to provide free basic immunization to all children in the region.  In the cases where children need more advanced care than is available in rural settings, Y&H will connect them to care in major cities or to top tier expertise in the United States when possible.[/slide-left]



[slide-left]Education/Vocational Opportunities

Our goal is to help the children in rural areas in Vietnam stay in school so they may obtain a college or a vocational degree that provides them the necessary requisite skills for entering the workforce.

We will provide children from poor families at high risk of dropping out of school with uniforms, school supplies, schoolbags, textbooks, school fees and technology support when possible. [/slide-left]



[slide-left]Ensuring a Better Life

The Y&H Foundation is dedicated to helping the children rise above their impoverished way of life and to see them succeed in a world that respects their input and value. [/slide-left]


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